Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lanify?

Virtually everyone possesses an internet connection with a designated bandwidth allotment each month, yet scarcely do they utilize it in its entirety. Lanify functions as a network designed to facilitate the sale of this surplus bandwidth to corporations and institutions. Seamlessly integrates a suite of applications, Lanify operates in the background of your phone or computer. The ultimate outcome? Generating passive income by selling a resource you weren't even aware you had.

How do I use Lanify?

To begin earning, simply download the application from the Chrome Extension Store, sign up, and you're ready to go!

Who purchases the bandwidth you sell on Lanify?

Internet bandwidth is indispensable for numerous commercial enterprises across a wide array of industries. However, increasingly, the primary buyers are AI labs.

How do AI Labs utilize Lanify?

To train an AI model requires a vast amount of web data, which labs can solely access on the public web. Lanify aids them in this endeavor through two primary methods: First, it facilitates AI labs in directly scraping the internet for web data to train their AI models. Second, it can also furnish them with datasets directly.

These datasets are curated by Lanify utilizing its own network of nodes specifically designed for web scraping. This adaptability renders Lanify an invaluable tool for AI labs, serving both in sourcing raw data and supplying structured, ready-to-use datasets for AI development.

Is my personal data protected while using Lanify?

When using the app, your personal data is not accessed or utilized by Lanify. Our browser extension does not have access to any data on your computer. You can use Lanify with confidence, knowing that your personal data is safe and secure.

Are there any restrictions or limitations when using Lanify?
  1. When multiple accounts share the same Wi-Fi network, daily uptime earnings will be divided among them.

  2. Using Lanify with a VPN reduces daily earnings.

What rewards will I receive?

For selling unused bandwidth, you will earn LAN tokens as a reward.

What is internet bandwidth?

Bandwidth is akin to the lanes on a highway, determining how much data can flow through your internet connection. Just like wider lanes allow more cars to pass through simultaneously, higher bandwidth enables faster data transmission. Lanify provides an opportunity to monetize your underutilized bandwidth. If you have unlimited home WiFi, there's a good chance you're not using it to its full capacity. Lanify simplifies the process of selling this excess bandwidth, allowing you to earn passive income.

Who utilizes my unused internet bandwidth?

Lanify enables you to sell your surplus internet bandwidth to rigorously vetted companies. These entities range from Fortune 500 corporations to esteemed institutions such as colleges and universities, or even individuals.

What motivates buyers to acquire my unused internet bandwidth?

Buyers are interested in unused internet bandwidth to access a broader array of IP addresses, facilitating a retail perspective on certain websites. Through leveraging your unused internet bandwidth, they conduct market research or perform tasks like web scraping for AI training. This grants buyers access to services they might otherwise not reach, all while you earn passive income.

What factors contribute to the network score?

Factors influencing network score:

  • Geography: Certain regions exhibit higher demand for bandwidth.

  • Traffic: Public networks and VPNs typically yield lower scores due to increased network congestion.

Please be aware that network scores reflect buyer demand for your bandwidth, subject to fluctuations over time.

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