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Maximum supply

Liquidity Pool | 50% | 50,000,000 LAN

To fortify liquidity mechanisms and enhance circulation supply, a deliberate allocation of 30% of the initial token supply will be dedicated to the Uniswap Liquidity Pool). This strategic move aims to bolster liquidity, facilitating smooth trading and optimizing the token's availability in the market ecosystem.

Rewards Pool | 40% | 40,000,000 LAN

Lanify, functioning as a Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN) protocol, places significant emphasis on rewarding residential proxy providers. By allocating a vast majority of its supply to the rewards pool, Lanify ensures sustained functionality and the promise of continuous passive income for all participants. This strategic allocation not only incentivizes network participation but also fosters a robust ecosystem where users are motivated to contribute to the network's growth and stability.

The Rewards Pool will be divided into two batches. The first batch will be locked in the Collect Rewards smart contract, which is tied to the app. The second batch will be locked and vested on a third-party platform until we develop and launch a decentralized marketplace for residential proxies powered by peer-to-peer bandwidth sharing. Then, the second batch will be moved to the Marketplace smart contract.

Treasury | 7% | 7,000,000 LAN

To further solidify the project's financial resilience and ensure its long-term sustainability, a strategic allocation of 7% of the total token supply has been earmarked for the project's treasury. This deliberate allocation aims to establish a robust financial foundation, providing ample resources for future development initiatives, community incentives, and strategic partnerships.

By allocating a portion of the token supply to the treasury, we can effectively manage and allocate funds to support ongoing operations, enhance product development, and foster ecosystem growth. This strategic reserve ensures that the project remains agile, adaptable, and well-equipped to navigate future challenges and seize opportunities for expansion and innovation.

Advisors & Ambassadors | 3% | 3,000,000 LAN

In a strategic move to foster expertise and drive community engagement, 3% of the total token supply has been allocated to advisors and ambassadors. This deliberate allocation is aimed at cultivating a network of experienced advisors and passionate ambassadors who will play pivotal roles in guiding the project's strategic direction, promoting adoption, and facilitating partnerships.

By dedicating a portion of the token supply to advisors and ambassadors, we can leverage their diverse skills, industry insights, and extensive networks to propel the project forward. These individuals will serve as valuable advocates, offering guidance, mentorship, and advocacy to support the project's growth trajectory and enhance its impact within the broader ecosystem.

Through collaboration and collective effort, we can harness the collective wisdom and enthusiasm of our advisors and ambassadors to drive innovation, foster community cohesion, and achieve our shared vision for success.

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